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Us Too: Alisha's Story

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Open Clasp Theatre Company present: 

Us Too: Alisha’s Story 

Written by Julie Tsang 

Directed by Katja Roberts 

Co-created with the women from Us Too

Maybe we have more in common than you first thought. Maybe you’re sat like I am now. Maybe what happened to me has happened to you. Well, I hope you had a better experience than I did. 

Alisha loves fashion, interior design, watching rom-coms and listening to her playlist while dancing around the kitchen. She likes cocktails, Italian food and cake. She’s just like you.  

Written by Julie Tsang and directed by Katja Roberts, Us Too: Alisha’s Story was made with and for the women from #UsToo who have experience of reporting rape/sexual assault. When asked what outcome they wanted, they answered: To be heard.  

‘I feel strong and empowered that we are helping other women’Co creator from Us Too 

Commissioned by Durham University and Sunderland University 


Age recommendation: 13+


Tickets are non-refundable unless the event is cancelled.